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Sristi’s Webpage





Hello There


Great to see you here on my homepage



About me


Name : Sristi Creation

Papa’s name -  Sudhirkumar Barai

Ma’s name – Parama Barai

Date of Birth – April 17, 2003

Place of Birth – Kolkata – City of Joy





Mashiya calls me – Lalti

Atya calls me – Khushi

Ma calls me – Giga

Papa calls me – Madhu, Sri’s, Golu, Tarang

Dadu calls me – Khoosboo

Mama calls me – Mishti

Ajoba calls me -  Guddi

Aaji calls me - Rukmabai


Good Bye Doctor



Papa Tells - Let’s go home



Parallel Thinking with Papa



Unparallel Thinking with Ma



What was that Joke L?



Talking to GOD



With Dadu and Didu



With Bod-didu



Day Dreaming



For your eyes only J





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