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Topics :


      Artificial Intelligence (AI)

      Knowledge Based Expert Systems (KBES)

      Fuzzy Logic (FL)

      Case Based Reasoning (CBR)

      Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)

      Genetic Algorithms (GA)

      Image Processing (IP)

      Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

      Java for Engineering Analysis and Design (JEAD)

      Parallel Processing (PP)

      Multimedia Applications (MM)

      Web Applications (WA)

      Virtual Reality (VR)

      Robotics (R)

      Advanced Topics (AT)


Day 1:



L1: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Based Expert Systems

L2: KBES Application in Structural Engineering


Day 2:


L3: KBES Application in Transportation Engineering

L4: Introduction to Case Based Reasoning and Its Applications

L5: Basic Concepts of Internet

L6: Web based Applications Hydro Informatics


Day 3:


L7: Introduction to Multimedia Concepts

L8: Multimedia Applications in Engineering Education

L9: Java for Engineering Analysis and Design (Intro)

L10: Java for Engineering Analysis and Design (Appli)


Day 4:


L11: Introduction to Genetic Algorithms

L12: GA Applications in Structural Engineering

L13: GA Applications in Transportation Engineering

L14: Virtual Reality


Day 5:


L15: Introduction to GIS

L16: GIS Application in Water Resources Engineering

L17: GIS Application in Environmental Engineering:

L18 : Advanced Computing in Engineering (Chaos)


Day 6:


L19: Introduction to Fuzzy Logic Concepts

L20: Fuzzy Logic Application to Civil Engineering Problems

L21: IT application in Geo-technical Engineering

D1: KBES/CBR Demos


Day 7:


L22: Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks

L23: ANN Applications to Structural Engineering

L24: ANN Applications to Water Resources Engineering

L25: ANN Applications to Transportation Engineering


Day 8:


L26: Introduction to Parallel Processing

L27: Parallel Processing Application in Civil Engineering

D2: GIS: Demo

D3: GIS: Demo


Day 9:


L28: Image Processing and Its Applications in Civil Engineering

L29: GA Applications in Water Resources Engineering

L30: GIS Applications

D4: GIS Applications Demonstration


Day 10:


L31: Advanced Computing

L32: Futuristic Computing World

F1: Feedback Session