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Call for Papers for Special Issue on


Construction Information Technology (IT) in Emerging Economies





Dr. Alfredo Serpell

Professor and Head

Department of Construction Engineering and Management


Santiago, Chile


Dr. Sudhirkumar V Barai
Associate Professor

Department of Civil Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

Kharagpur 721 302 India




In the near future a major part of global construction will take place in what is often called emerging economies. This term covers both developing countries and nations in rapid transition to become major global industrial powers. In terms of geography Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and most of Asia as well as Russia and the new and candidate members of the EU are included in this group. Nevertheless the vast majority of construction and construction IT research is carried out in a few countries in North America and Western Europe and deals primarily with problems high up on the agenda in these. Where interesting research is carried out in emerging countries it is often difficult for researchers to find good outlets for researchers to publish in, so that the results could effectively be communicated to other researchers and practitioners interested in the same types of problems. ITcon, via its global open accessibility is actively trying to help remedy this situation.


Construction activity in general and Construction IT in particular is showing great promise in emerging economies. The construction industry of developing economies suffers many problems (e.g. delays, cost overruns, and miscommunication of information within organizations). Further, the impact of globalization, the advance of technology and the cultural changes are just a few of the issues that are affecting the industry. Hence, the construction industry around the world, both in developed and emerging economies is facing the challenges created by these issues. The identification of the issues more critical for emerging economies would help to make the research efforts to address them more effective.


We see this special issue as an opportunity to share experiences, knowledge and ideas in the domain of construction IT. The issue will create opportunities for research initiatives that would join researchers from both, developed and developing countries, to address needs that would benefit from the contribution of both perspectives.


The objectives of the special issue are as follows:

         To share and highlight the new issues and priorities that concern the construction IT in emerging economies.

         To explore and discuss how emerging economies should address these challenges, what can they learn from developed economies and how to get their cooperation to carry out joint efforts.

         To present and demonstrate how research and innovation can be used to help companies and countries to address current and future demands.

         To share the initiatives that are being carried out in developing countries and the experiences obtained from these undertakings.

ITCon would like to invite first abstracts, followed by full draft papers, from authors wishing to contribute to this special issue. The papers should be structured in a way to express clearly the background, objectives, methodology and results of the work. Authors are highly encouraged to apply the ITcon formatting rules already for the draft paper.



Expression of interest (one page abstract): 1st August 2005

Notification of abstract acceptance and invitation to full papers: 1st September 2005

Submission of full paper: 1st December 2005

Notification of full paper acceptance with reviewers' comments: 1st February 2006

Submission of final papers in electronic format: 1st March 2006

Publication of the papers on the ITCon web-site: 1st April 2006


The submissions will be reviewed by at least three peer reviewers.




For more information and to submit papers contact or


STATUS: Call open