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Fuzzy Logic Applications in Civil Engineering




2002 Fuzzy Approach for Analysis of Pipe Networks

2002 Fuzzy Model of Real-Time Reservoir Operation

2002 Fuzzy Rule-Based Methodology for Estimating Monthly Groundwater Recharge in a Temperate Watershed

2002 Site Layout Planning using Nonstructural Fuzzy Decision Support System

2001 Multiple Layer Fuzzy Evaluation for Existing Reinforced Concrete Bridges

2000 Application of Gray and Fuzzy Methods for Rainfall Forecasting

2000 Augmented IFN Learning Model

2000 Bridge Damage Assessment Through Fuzzy Petri Net Based Expert System

2000 Comparison of Neural and Conventional Approaches to Mode Choice Analysis

2000 Forecasting Cyanobacterial Concentrations Using B-Spline Networks

2000 Fuzzy Genetic Algorithm for Optimization of Steel Structures

2000 Fuzzy Logic Integrated Genetic Programming for Optimization and Design

2000 Fuzzy-Wavelet RBFNN Model for Freeway Incident Detection

2000 Simplified Fuzzy ARTMAP as Pattern Recognizer

2000 Stability of High-Rate Anaerobic Systems. II: Fuzzy Stability Index

2000 Subsurface Soil-Geology Interpolation Using Fuzzy Neural Network

1999 Automated Multicriterion Building Damage Assessment from Seismic Data

1999 Bounds of Structural Response for All Possible Loading Combinations

1999 Comparing Two Methods for Addressing Uncertainty in Risk Assessments

1999 Fuzzy Optimal Model for Resource-Constrained Construction Scheduling

1999 Fuzzy Relation Analysis for Multicriteria Water Resources Management

1999 Fuzzy-Supported Estimator for HPO-AS Process

1999 Neural Fuzzy Modeling of Anaerobic Biological Wastewater Treatment Systems

1999 Neural Networks Based Decision Support in Presence of Uncertainties

1999 Novel Approach to Pavement Cracking Detection Based on Fuzzy Set Theory

1999 Statistical to Fuzzy Approach Toward CPT Soil Classification

1998 Comparison of Fuzzy and Neural Classifiers for Road Accidents Analysis

1998 Competitive Bidding Strategy Model and Software System for Bid Preparation

1998 Fuzzy Logic for Evaluating New Construction Technology

1998 Fuzzy Optimization Model for Water Quality Management of River System

1998 Fuzzy Pattern Recognition Model for Diagnosing Cracks in RC Structures

1998 Notice Ratings as a Management Tool to Reduce Truck Rollovers on Ramps

1998 Treatment of Uncertainty in Study of Transportation: Fuzzy Set Theory and Evidence Theory

1997 Alternative Modeling Framework for Pavement Serviceability Analysis

1997 Development of Concrete Bridge Rating Prototype Expert System with Machine Learning

1997 A Fuzzy Set Based and Performance Oriented Pavement Network Optimization System

1997 Multiobjective Optimization Design with Pareto Genetic Algorithm

1997 Planning Reservoir Operations with Imprecise Objectives

1997 Variability in Perceived Satisfaction of Reservoir Management Objectives

1997 Water Pollution Control in a River Basin by Interactive Fuzzy Interval Multiobjective Programming

1996 Automated Constructibility Analysis of Work-Zone Traffic-Control Planning

1996 Comprehensive Evaluation Method on Earthquake Damage Using Fuzzy Theory

1996 Determining Relative Density of Sands from CPT Using Fuzzy Sets

1996 Fuzzy Controlled Genetic Algorithm Search for Shape Optimization

1996 Fuzzy Logic Process Control of HPO-AS Process

1996 Fuzzy Rule-Based Modeling of Reservoir Operation

1996 Hazard Ranking of Landfills Using Fuzzy Composite Programming

1996 Managerial Fuzzy Optimal Planning for Solid-Waste Management Systems

1996 Modeling Uncertainty in Prediction of Pier Scour

1996 Prediction of Cavitation Damage for Spillways

1996 Project-Network Analysis Using Fuzzy Sets Theory

1996 Reservoir Operating Rules with Fuzzy Programming

1996 Rule-Based Control Algorithm for Active Tuned Mass Dampers

1995 Identifying Accident-Prone Locations Using Fuzzy Pattern Recognition

1995 Intelligent Excavator Control System for Lunar Mining System

1995 Nitrate-Risk Assessment Using Fuzzy-Set Approach

1994 Application of Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks to Automatically Detect Freeway Traffic Incidents

1994 Automated Corrective Action Selection Assistant

1994 Evaluation of Projects for Rehabilitation of Highway Bridges

1994 Fuzzy Modus Ponens Deduction Technique for Construction Scheduling

1994 Methodology for Forensic Investigations of Seismic Damage

1994 Sensitivity-Based Weighted-Average in Structural Damage Assessment

1993 Fuzzy-Bayesian Approach to Reliability of Existing Structures

1993 Fuzzy-Set Approach for Optimizing Sludge Application Land Selection

1993 Pricing Construction Risk: Fuzzy Set Application

1992 Design-Basis Flood for Rehabilitation of Existing Dams

1992 Mapping Slope Failure Potential Using Fuzzy Sets

1992 Rationalizing Water Requirements with Aid of Fuzzy Allocation Model

1992 Scheduling Demand-Responsive Transportation Vehicles Using Fuzzy-Set Theory

1992 Selection of Design/Build Proposal Using Fuzzy-Logic System

1992 Unified Pavement Distress Index for Managing Flexible Pavements

1991 Expert System for Diagnosing Damage of Prestressed Concrete Pile

1991 Fuzzy Behavior of Beams on Winkler Foundation

1991 Fuzzy Decision Making in Dredged-Material Management

1991 Model for Capacity of Single Piles in Sand Using Fuzzy Sets

1991 Recycling Promotion Strategies: Statistical and Fuzzy-Set Comparisons

1990 DAPS: Expert System for Structural Damage Assessment

1990 Network Resource Allocation with Support of a Fuzzy Expert System

1990 Uncertain Reasoning in Construction Legal Expert System

1988 Fuzzy Set Concepts for Evaluating Performance of Constructed Facilities

1988 Plasticity Theory Based on Fuzzy Sets

1987 Quality and Uncertainty Assessment of Wildlife Habitat with Fuzzy Sets

1987 Uncertain Interference in Knowledge-Based Systems

1986 Event Tree Analysis to Prevent Failures in Temporary Structures

1986 Fuzzy Set Approach to Linguistic Seismic Load and Damage Assessments

1986 Optimal Plastic Design with Imprecise Data

1985 Decisions in Construction Operations

1985 Tender Evaluation by Fuzzy Sets

1984 Project Scheduling Using Fuzzy Set Concepts

1984 Subjective Modification of Aging Stochastic Systems

1984 Subjective Seismic Safety Assessments

1983 Reliability Analysis Based on Fuzzy Probability

1983 Updating Parameters with Fuzzy Entropies