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2002 Expert System for Prioritizing the Inspection of Sewers: Knowledge Base Formulation and Evaluation

2002 Integrated Knowledge-Based Geographic Information System for Determining Optimal Location of Park-and-Ride Facilities

2002 Strategic Implementation of Infrastructure Priority Projects: Case Study in Palestine

2001 Developing a Draft Schedule Using Templates and Rules

2001 Diagnosing Upsets in Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment Using Bayesian Belief Networks

2001 Expert System for Environmental Quality Evaluation

2001 Prototype Diagnosis Expert System with Knowledge Refinement Function

2001 Scheduling Inspection and Renewal of Large Infrastructure Assets

2000 Bridge Damage Assessment Through Fuzzy Petri Net Based Expert System

2000 EXPLORE-Hybrid Expert System for Water Networks Management

2000 Factors Affecting the Use of Precast Concrete Systems

2000 Fuzzy Logic Integrated Genetic Programming for Optimization and Design

2000 Infrastructure Risk Analysis of Municipal Water Distribution System

2000 Intelligent Model for Constructed Facilities Surface Assessment

2000 IntelliGIS: Tool for Representing and Reasoning Spatial Knowledge

2000 Small Hydropower Advisor: Application and User Perspective

1999 Automated Multicriterion Building Damage Assessment from Seismic Data

1999 Automation of Quantity Surveying in Construction Projects

1998 Advisory Expert System for Non-Linear Seismic Analysis/Design of Coupled Walls

1998 Fuzzy Pattern Recognition Model for Diagnosing Cracks in RC Structures

1998 Improving IDOT's Pavement Condition Rating Process

1998 Standards Modeling Language

1998 Verification and Validation of Case-Based Prequalification System

1997 Case-Based Approach for Steel Bridge Fabrication Errors

1997 Development of Concrete Bridge Rating Prototype Expert System with Machine Learning

1997 Expert System for Industrial Residuals Application Assessment

1997 Expert System for Technology Screening for SOC and VOC Contaminated Water

1997 Improving Management of Claims: Contractors' Perspective

1997 Municipal Solid Waste Composition Studies

1997 SEDAR: Expert Critiquing System for Flat and Low-Slope Roof Design and Review

1997 Selecting Long-Term Strategies for Construction Firms

1997 Two-Way Slab Design Expert System

1996 Automated Constructibility Analysis of Work-Zone Traffic-Control Planning

1996 Consensus Building Model to Select CASIS in Small Communities

1996 Design of Large Space Systems for Packaging and Launch on Multiple, Heterogeneous Vehicles

1996 Development of an Expert System for Daily Drought Monitoring

1996 Expert System for Water Treatment Plant Operation

1996 Fuzzy Controlled Genetic Algorithm Search for Shape Optimization

1996 IFPATS: A Link Between Distributed AI Systems and Expert Users

1996 Knowledge Acquisition and Engineering for Steel Bridge Fabrication

1996 Making Effective Use of Construction Lessons Learned in Project Life Cycle

1996 Network Expert Geographic Information System for Landfill Siting

1996 Object-Oriented Pumping-Test Expert System

1996 Screening-Level Approach for Estimating Contaminant Export from Tributaries

1996 Seismic Assessment for Offshore Pipelines

1996 Systematizing Construction Project Evaluations

1996 Water-Supply System Operations: Critiquing Expert-System Approach

1995 Automatic Fire--Code Checking Using Expert-System Technology

1995 DS^2: Drilled Shaft Decision Support System

1995 Effects of Delay Times on Production Rates in Construction

1995 Identifying Accident-Prone Locations Using Fuzzy Pattern Recognition

1995 Integrated Planning Information Systems: Disaster Planning Analysis

1995 Knowledge-Based System for Construction Planning of High-Rise Buildings

1995 Modeling Initial Design Process Using Artificial Neural Networks

1995 Object-Oriented Methodology for Materials-Management Systems

1995 Principled Approach to Design of Hierarchical Abstractions

1995 Prototype Knowledge-Based System for Corrective Maintenance of Pavements

1995 Routing Large Vehicles on Industrial Construction Sites

1994 Automated Corrective Action Selection Assistant

1994 Computer-Aided Laboratory Teaching in Geotechnics

1994 Decision-Support System for Long-Range Stream Flow Forecasting

1994 Expert System with Learning Ability for Retrofitting Steel Bridges

1994 Image-Based Expert-System Approach to Distress Detection on CRC Pavement

1994 Integrated System for Managing Owner-Directed Project Acceleration

1994 Integrated System to Develop Highway Rehabilitation Projects

1994 KBES for Process Control of Nitrification in Activated Sludge Process

1994 Knowledge-Based Expert System for Concrete Mix Design

1994 Machine Learning of Design Rules: Methodology and Case Study

1994 Methodology for Forensic Investigations of Seismic Damage

1994 Outlook for Environmental Education in 21st Century

1994 Professional Involvement in Development of Expert Systems for Construction Industry

1994 Prototype Object-Oriented System for Maintenance of Timber Trusses

1994 Real-Time Decision-Support System for Freeway Management and Control

1994 Validation of Knowledge-Based System with Multiple Bridge Rail Experts

1993 Bridge Planning Using GIS and Expert System Approach

1993 Building KBES for Diagnosing PC Pile with Artificial Neural Network

1993 Computer-Aided Equipment Selection for Transporting and Placing Concrete

1993 Computer-Aided Planning for Heavy Lifts

1993 Computer-Based Environment for Wastewater Treatment Plant Design

1993 Development and Application of Expert Geographic Information System

1993 Eulerian Formulation for Large-Displacement Analysis of Space Frames

1993 Expert Geographic Information System for Texas Water Planning

1993 Expert System Based Training for Emergency Management

1993 Expert System for Optimum Design of Concrete Structures

1993 Interactive Computer Graphics for Expert-System Verification

1993 KBES for Design of Steel Structural Elements

1993 Knowledge Representation and Processing in Relational Data Base

1993 Knowledge-Based Approach to Modular Construction Decision Support

1993 Knowledge-Based Design of Project-Procurement Process

1993 Nonmonotonic Reasoning in Design

1993 Real-Time Traffic Diversion Model: A Conceptual Approach

1993 SITE CODE: Computer-Based Regulatory Information for Site Development

1993 STEP: Model for Technology Screening for Hazardous-Waste-Site Cleanup

1992 Building KBES for Diagnosing PC Pile With Inductive Learning

1992 Challenges of the Changing Profession

1992 Combined Symbolic-Numeric Explosion Damage Assessment for Structures

1992 CONSCHED: Expert System for Scheduling of Modular Construction Projects

1992 Decision Support System for Crop Planning during Droughts

1992 Distributed Approach to Optimized Control of Street Traffic Signals

1992 Evaluation Method for Advanced Acid Rain Compliance Technology

1992 Expert System for Anaerobic-Digestion-Process Operation